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The new speed by maplus®
XLS, Xtra Long-lasting Speed: the name is enough to guess the promised, and maintained, performance of the latest Maplus product, the new liquid accelerant for competition. Long-lasting, it can be used on any kind of snow and can be applied both in ski room or on starting line.

From this point of view, to guarantee the best results in gliding to the athletes, and thanks to the synergies with the industrial chemical research of the Mazza Holding Group, to which it belongs, MAPLUS has developed the new XLS – Xtra long-lasting Speed, the liquid accelerant for fast and easy application and long-lasting.

To be used on any kind of artificial and natural snow, XLS is equipped with a practical felt applicator that facilitates the spreading operations and can be applied in two ways: in ski-room (let it to dry and then polishing with a manual horsehair or soft nylon brush) or at the last minute, directly on the starting line and without drying.

This new liquid accelerant is available in two versions: XLS 4.0 for snow temperatures from 0 ° to-6 ° C and XLS 6.0 for temperatures from-6 ° to-12 ° C, always with air humidity more than 50%.

It is recommended to be used over perfluorurated waxes, as Maplus FP4 (as starting accelerant and corrector) but also on fluorurated paraffins as Maplus HP3 and LP2, specially studied to guarantee the best chemical adhesion of perfluorinated waxes.

Starting today the speed is even easier with XLS: just spray, spread it and ski...

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