Available packaging
• Cod. MW0706N - 100gr
• Cod. MW0708N - 1kg
All snow

Universal fluorinated solid paraffin for sporting use and leisure. Use for all type of moist and wet snow, with temperature from -5°C to 0°C. It’s a product especially suitable for rentals and laboratories. Use hot application with the waxing iron or with professional waxing machines.

  1. Let the paraffin block drop on all the ski base by putting it in contact with the waxing iron base at a temperature of 110°C.;
  2. Melt immediately the wax by spreading it forward and backward with the waxing iron, then carry out a final passage from the tip to the tail (nearly 4 cm. per second);
  3. Wait at least 15 minutes for the ski wax to harden and the ski base to cool down;
  4. Remove the was in excess with a sharpen plexy scraper doing little pressure;
  5. Free the ski side and edges side from hardened paraffin with the plexy scraper;
  6. Brush the ski base with a hard nylon manual brush;
  7. Brush the ski base with a manual or roto hard horsehair brush;
  8. Polish the ski base with a manual or roto soft nylon brush.

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