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• Cod. MW0953N - 100gr
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All type of snow

Fluorinated solid paraffin for racing use as final product or as a base before applying fluorocarbon waxes FP4. Use for all type of snow with temperature from -7°C to -3°C. Air humidity from 30% to 60%. In case of new or conserved abrasive snow, artificial snow and springtime icy snow, mix LP2 RED with LP2 GREEN. Use hot application with the waxing iron at 130°/140°C.



The application of hydrocarbon paraffin (Med or Soft Racing Base or  BP1), of fluorinated hydrocarbon paraffin (LP2 or HP3) and fluorocarbon wax FP4 allows certain overlaps according to the following chemical combinations:

  • Hydrocarbon paraffin alone (Med or Soft Racing Base or BP1) or mixed with other hydrocarbon paraffin;
  • Fluorinated hydrocarbon paraffin alone (LP2 or HP3) or mixed with other hydrocarbon paraffin;
  • Fluorocarbon wax FP4 alone or mixed with other fluorocarbon wax, but anyway over a fluorinated hydrocarbon paraffin (LP2 or HP3).

The direction of waxing operations must be from the tip to the tail of the ski base.
The race waxing can be carried out hot or cold, depending on the physical condition of products and the experience of the skiman.


  1. Let the paraffin block drop on 20 cm. of the ski base by putting it in contact with the waxing iron base at a temperature of 130°C.;
  2. Melt immediately the wax by spreading it with a regular forward movement. Repeat the same procedure on all the ski base, then carry out a final passage from the tip to the tail (nearly 4 cm. per second);
  3. - 2b  (mix with GREEN powder) Over the LP2 RED layer, just hardened, place some GREEN powder ( higher will be the snow abrasion, greater will be the quantity of powder) and carry out a slow passage (nearly 2 cm. per second) with the waxing iron at the same temperature as before, melting perfectly the GREEN powder inside the RED layer;
  4. Wait at least 15 minutes for the ski wax to harden and the ski base to cool down;
  5. Remove the was in excess with a sharpen plexy scraper doing little pressure
  6. Free the ski side and edges side from hardened paraffin with the plexy scraper;/li>
  7. Brush the ski base with a hard nylon manual brush;
  8. Brush the ski base with a manual or roto hard horsehair brush;
  9. Polish the ski base with a manual or roto soft nylon brush.

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