Available packaging
• Cod. MFF0160 - 50 gr
• Cod. MFF0170 - 250 gr
• Cod. MFF0180 - 1 Kg
All type of snow
-22° / -8°C
30 / 80%

Fluor free solid base for racing. Use for all type of snow, new and transformed, artificial and natural, with snow temperature from -22°C to -8°C. Performancing use with air humidity between 30% and 80%. Use hot application with the waxing iron at 150°C. With GM Base Gel, it’s the best choice as a base to overlap GM BOOST Powder or Liquid.



1. Let the wax block drop on 20 cm of the ski base putting it in contact with the waxing iron base at the recommended temperature for each kind of product and melt the wax immediately spreading it with a regular backward and forward movement (from tip to tail);
2. Repeat the same procedure on all the ski base, then carry out a final passage from the tip to the tail (nearly 4/5 cm per second for GM BASE Cold and Med, nearly 3 cm per second for GM BASE Hot);
3. (mix with hardener) If snow conditions should require a harder base, over the GM BASE layer just hardened, place some ARTIC BASE powder (higher will be the snow abrasion, bigger will be the quantity of powder) and carry out a slow passage (nearly 3 cm per second) with the waxing iron at 150°C. melting perfectly the powder inside the solid wax;
4. Free the ski & edge side from the hardened wax with a plexy scraper;
5. Wait at least 15 minutes for the ski wax to harden and the ski base to cool down, then remove the wax in excess with a sharpened plexy scraper with gentle pressure;
6. Free the ski base structure with manual hard steel brush;
7. Brush the ski base with manual or roto hard brass brush;
8. Brush the ski base with manual or roto hard horsehair brush;
9. Polish the ski base with manual or roto soft nylon brush.


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