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• Cod. MW0756 - 0,5lt
• Cod. MW0757 - 1lt
• Cod. MW0758 - 4,9lt

Liquid cleaner to remove residuals of any type of paraffin (fluorinated paraffin included) and the dirt collected during activity.



After processing the ski base or the ski edge or after using the equipment on dirty snow, proceed with the base cleaning. If using FP4 perfluorinated wax, the skis must first be cleaned using FLUORCLEAN and then cleaned with CLEAN. If using any type of paraffin waxes or fluorinated paraffin waxes, clean with CLEAN only.

Always start cleaning the skis from the tip, working towards the tail:

1. Spread the detergent evenly over the entire surface of the ski using a paintbrush.

2. Wait 2 minutes for the detergent to work.

3. Manually brush the ski using a soft brass brush to improve the action of the detergent.

4. Remove the dirt and wax residues with fiberlene wrapped around a Plexiglas scraper.

5. Dry the ski with fiberlene.

For new waxing, wait until the ski base is perfectly dry. Maplus cleaning products fully evaporate 30’minutes at room temperature of 18°C. Evaporation can be faster if hot air jet is used.


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