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From the passion for skiing and mastery of the fluorine chemistry of the Mazza family, Maplus ®, a division specialized in ski wax and technical accessories for ski preparation, was born in 1997.

Fluorine and its secrets are, in fact, the heart of the research and development of Maflon SPA, a dynamic and innovative company specialized in the production of high-tech fluorinated products. Owned by Mazza Holding of Castelli Calepio (Bg), this industrial group, 100% Italian, has been present for over thirty years on the global market with its main companies, Guarniflon® Spa and Maflon® Spa firstly.

Thanks to the synergies with the industrial chemical research of Maflon® SPA, in just twenty years, braving more long-lived competitors out, Maplus® has managed to reach a leading position in high-level competitions.

Since its debut in the cross-country World Champioship in Ramsau in 1998, with the novelty of a perfluorinated liquid product, up to the successes of the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2017, Maplus has become, with its perfluorinated products, the reference in terms of sliding and durability in the ski and snowboard World Cups.

We can declare with satisfaction that today Maplus® waxes are used in competition by all the National Teams and by all the ski companies present in the World Cup!

And yet Maplus® does not care only of athletes and their results: the experience gained at the highest level has allowed us to develop a complete line of wax ideal to meet the needs of any skier and snowboarder, from the Freeride addicted to the beginner who wants an easy to manage equipment, up to the needs of the professional laboratories for the rentals

The R&D department of Maflon® Spa produces constantly new formulations of fluorinated polymers to realize appropriate and durable coating solutions for any kind of surface so to create a highly effective protective barrier against different agents as oils, water, food and beverages.
From this very high level experience, in 2018 the new MAPLUS CARE LINE was born guaranteeing the best results in term of maintaining the oil and hydro repellency and the anti-stain properties of the functional clothing, technical textiles and all kind of outdoor and mountain shoes conserving the correct and effective breathability.
With MAPLUS SUPER CARE LINE we want to be sure the high tech of your textile and equipment go on longer and longer with you

In order to get our results in R&D of fluorinated products, we respect the most advanced rules in term of sustainable development taking the best care of human being. Maflon® Spa is fully involved in the LCPFCs (Long-chain perfluorinated chemicals) elimination process therefore all MAPLUS® SUPER CARE LINE products do not contain PFOA and related compounds.

Starting from beginning of 2016, Mazza Group have been improving founding new set-up for future challenges:

  • the setting-up of Mazza Holding, called into supervising the worldwide well-known group of companies specialized in the processing of fluorobased products; .
  • the spin-off of Maflon Spa company, that, from productive division of the mother company, becomes fully independent in its strategic activities and choices, and that is nowadays one of the leading company in Italy and abroad specialized in the production of chemical products used in coating applications.
  • also Maplus®, the group division specialized in top range ski waxes, follows Maflon Spa, sharing with the newborn company the same goals in fluorine R&D;
  • Guarniflon® has been continuous evolving becoming one of the main PTFE players worldwide, by leading an international group of companies always expanding, with an unique European network , manufacturers Overseas Companies in India and USA, and so being one of the most reliable technical partner in the fluorobased product field;
  • Mazza Holding incorporated also the real estate company Mazza R.E., to improve the synergies among the different companies and gathering all of them in a large Group able to stand up the international market challenges.
  • P.A.T.I. Spa, a company specialized in the production of thermoplastic films since 1962, comes to be part of Guarniflon®. The products, some of which are patented, have a wide application in agriculture as well as in many industry sectors, at the highest technological level;
  • ASC (Advanced Screening Center) is an absolutely new oncological diagnostic center, leader in the fight against cancer, born with the idea, widely shared in the medical and scientific communities, that the cure for many tumors is best achieved through prevention in healthy people. The Diffusion Whole Body examination, an advanced, non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging exam, allows to examine the whole body in few time and to detect cancer lesions as small as 3-4 millimeters; small enough to provide an effective early diagnosis. DWB doesn’t involve ionizing radiation, and doesn’t require the injection of contrast agents.
enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance:
these are the key factors which have allowed to MAPLUS and to Mazza Group to evolve to our present status of worldwide leader in fluorobased business field.

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